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Ship Management

ship management services meridian marine

We at Meridian Marine are all set and motivated to provide organized and subtle Ship Management Services to operate all types and sizes of vessels and are geared to maintain quality of service to top standards as expected by our Principals.

By employing state of the art technology and procedures, our advanced ship management systems make sure that the work is being implemented effectively under the control of operations. Dedicated to enhancing safety, security and the quality of our fleet operations we are keen to protect the environment as well.

We proudly represent the culture of teamwork which believes in making the “Dream Work” to achieve success and take our company to encompassing level of growth, be it onshore or at sea. Our policies have been derived with the aim of improvement and performance based rewards to our employees that will motivate them to bring out the best in themselves by drawing on their unique individual talents.

We are well aware that for a ship owner with exclusive assets and high daily running costs, cost control with good ship management practices is important. Hence we believe in keeping budget transparency as it is one of the most important factors in the current market.

Chartering, Broking & Commercial Management

chartering broking and commercial management services meridian marine

The Department of Ship Brokering Services we have at Meridian Marine has the potential to work in a very competitive and rigorous environment by providing instant chartering and post fixture services to charterers, owners and traders.

Our ship chartering company manages to focus on providing individual solutions which are created to meet the criteria, demands and requirements of each individual client.

Since inception, we have managed to maintain a powerful and credible ship chartering/ship brokering services that are known to be key activities in the international market.

We believe in offering the most affordable, competitive and attractive rates to our clients while maintaining quality and delivering service of the highest standard.

Crew Management & Training

crew management and training services meridian marine

We follow an elaborate Recruitment Procedure which consists of interviews and proficiency assessment of all candidates. Our recruitment process has enabled us supply highly skilled professionals who have been well reported by our clients and have been offered repeated placements.

Our expertise is in sourcing and supplying adequately qualified and suitably experienced officers and ratings for tankers, cargo vessels, bulk carriers, supply tug boats and other type of vessels to our National and International Shipping Clients. Our excellent crew management system includes a wide range of manning solutions for all types of vessels.

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and are licensed by DG Shipping, Govt. of India as a Recruitment and Placement Services provider company.Our recruitment procedure is governed by Reg. 1.4 of MLC 2006.

With our expertise we have managed to build a trustworthy image and reputation in for our global clients

We maintain an exhaustive database of seafarers with experience of serving in all types of vessels. All our seafarers hold valid travel documents and certification that is commensurate with their rank.

Being seafarers ourselves, we are well aware of the fact that the Shipping Industry can be Dynamic and lucrative at the same time. We are also aware of the demanding nature of Ship Operations and the need to remaining updated about the changes in regulations. The technology in this Industry is evolving at a rapid speed and simultaneously the demand of it being safe is increasing leading to new safety standards and environmental protection protocols.

Our in-house crew training department leaves conducts quality skill enhancement training needed and required by our clients.

Survey, Audits & Inspections

survey audits and inspections services meridian marine

We undertake an extensive range of ship surveys, ship inspections and ship audits on behalf of several different industry interests. Sincerity, dedication and thoroughness are our strengths. Our clients include vessel owners, managers, charterers, brokers, banks, financial institutes, insurance parties, etc.

Basis findings noted during Audits / Inspections, we prepare our Reports and a chapterwise comparative study which we present to our Clients for them to ascertain how their assets are performing against recognized standards.

Marine Consultancy

marine consultancy services meridian marine

Understanding each and every requirement such as legal, technical, training and management, we offer cost-effective and affordable marine consultancy service solutions for various stakeholders in the shipping and offshore sectors in the broad funnel of different vessel types.

Since shipping and offshore sector is global, we understand that individual clients have individual demands. That is the reason we have collaborated with experts and created a personalized and all weather supportive service that will give our clients a global outreach to help them offer the best marine solutions from the best marine consultancy service.

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